Welcome to the  NEW BABY & PARENTING CORNER!!!

I have been blessed with a beautiful, healthy and happy baby boy who made his grand entrance into the world on November 8. So now that I have joined the highly esteemed mommy club, I wanted to launch a new section on this site dedicated to all things baby–-from health articles, how to’s, what to expect and more—and parents—from personal stories and struggles, to tips and lots more.

I am in no shape or form an expert in these categories, but rather aim to inform, educate and learn with my readers along the way, as well as get real as to the experiences a new mom or dad will face based on the hurdles and milestones I face in embracing in this new role and growing with my child.

I hope some will be able to relate and know they aren’t alone in taking on this new job. I also welcome parents to share their own experiences or advice in the comment section.


Logan Michael, 11/08/2016

—Lauren Keating