As you might already know, week one of my half marathon training did not necessarily start on the right foot. After anticipating the official start of my 12 week program, I soon realized that it was not the strong week I was imagining.

Here is a breakdown of what my week looked like:

Day 1: Monday -> Off day

Day 2: Tuesday-> 3-mile run

50 6 lb ball crunches

10 squats

3 x 12 pull-ups


Day 3: Wednesday-> Off day

Supposed to have my strength run, but serious thunderstorms made it impossible. Decided to move this run to tomorrow.

Day 4: Thursday-> Strength run

Description: Strength workouts are mid-intensity intervals. Push yourself to your half marathon goal pace. Warm up and cool down with a 10-15 minute jog.

I warmed up for 5 minutes, then 4x 1 min hard, 2 min easy, cool down 10 minutes.

Day 5: Friday-> According to my training plan off day, but ran what was supposed to be Thursday’s run. Description: 3-miles. Intensity: Conversational. An easy run at conversational pace with a 4 x 100m strides after run.

Day 6: Saturday-> Was supposed to be Moderate Intensity 20 tempos, but I ended up skipping my run. I unexpectantly stayed in New Jersey, meaning I had no running shoes with me. I woke up with a massive headache (even though I did not drink on the 4th!), and by the time I was feeling better, I headed over to my cousins to celebrate his 30th birthday! I danced all night, so at least I got some cardio in.

Day 7: Sunday-> Supposed to run 5-miles, but ended up skipping this run =(. My night of dancing got the best of me and I was avoiding running out in the sun. I planned on waiting for the sun to set, but then watched True Blood (I am still in shock!!!) and then decided to just go to sleep. I was exhausted after this long weekend.

Looking back on the week, I am disappointed that I missed TWO runs!! While technically I missed another scheduled run, I learned that these training plans are not set in stone and there is nothing wrong with adjusting a day to make up for the day before. However, this weekend things really went downhill and I do wish that I made more of an effort to get that 5 miler in.

Because it is a fresh week (and my off day =/), I am going to make up for the weekend and run my 5 miles tonight! I am going to Florida for vacation next week and will let that be my motivation to stay on the healthy track this week.

And don’t worry; I will be bringing my running gear with me next week!!

What to work on for next week: Eating overall healthier. While I did make some smart and clean food choices, I had ice cream one night, and pizza twice!! Need to work on my nutrition if I want to improve as a runner. This week I will also make it a point of sticking with my program (besides making today a running day and not an off day). I also plan on adding more weights into my routine this week to work on my strength.

How was your week/ weekend fitness wise? Do you ever regret skipping a run?