A faith-based water park is laying down the laws of land when it comes down to showing off too much skin. Dirty thoughts won’t be coming to mind when it comes to looking at derrieres in revealing bathing suits in an attempt to keep a clean family-friendly environment.

Splash Kingdom Waterparks, who runs two parks in Texas, plans on opening another facility in Brazoria (south of Houston) forbids thong and other “excessively revealing” bathing suits at the water park and will allow employees to ask customers to cover up.

“We’re a very family friendly business,” Johnny Blevins, the Splash Kingdom Family Waterparks president and CEO, told the Houston Chronicle. “Our goal is to glorify God while providing a fun, safe recreational area for families.”
The water parks also deny guests from wear denim.

While thong swimwear is not appropriate in certain places, on the opposite side of the coin, swimwear lines are now features a more conservative long-sleeve suit.


 Milly's $175
Milly’s $175

The Daily Mail reported that long-sleeve swimsuits with rash guards have been on the rise, with companies like Urban Outfitters, Neiman Marcus, and ASOS the big sellers. These long-sleeved bathing suits protect the skin from the sun, ideal for light-skinned women who want to enjoy the beach without feeling the burn. The suits come in one-piece or two-piece, crop top options for those who do want to show off a little skin.

Pac Sun $42

With the last summer season trend of the high-waisted look, many swimsuits are featuring tummy covering bottoms, the polar opposite from low-rise string bikinis that are typically features on Victoria’s Secret.


What do you think about this new swimwear trend? It is classy and sophisticated, or do you think this trend will die out with our sex-crazed culture that loves to show off their bodies at the beach? What are your thoughts about thong bathing suits?